Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Random observation

The scene: My sons' bathroom. Me: Hmmm, yellow and blue do make green......

middle age badass wannabe

I've got no complaints today whatsoever, so far. The sun is shining, I've had coffee on my patio in my jammies, I've knit a few rounds on my next sock, and LMAO (laughed my ass off) reading Crazy Aunt Purl. She is hilarious and I love her honesty. She just tells it like it is. Her post about Thanksgiving is hilarious. And the one about getting healthy is so true. She just quit smoking with the promise to herself to begin again at age 70. She figures she doesn't want to live so long as to end up in diapers so thats a good time to fire up again. Gotta agree. Somethings gotta kill ya. I went over the edge about 4 yrs ago and went from a smokes socially w/alcohol, to a daily smoker. And I do want to quit, every day. Part of the reason I started up again was this desire to do whatever the f*** I want to because I'm a big girl now, and if you don't like me anymore because I smoke, well, say hello to the tall man. Bad attitude? Yeah. But I'm sick of being a people pleaser. I got to a point I didn't really even know who I was anymore because I was busy being this chameleon. Most of my life has been spent trying to please one person or group of people. I lost my sense of self and I forgot how to dream. The other factor in taking up the habit full time was a bankruptcy. That'll do it. Nuff said. So the guilt of this habit eats at me daily. But that first one in the morning is sooo good. You know what I'm talkin' about, yeah you do, former and present smokers. I'm almost to the point where I'm over my middle age rebellion. I still need my tattoo. I did some piercings. The problem with the tatoo is aging well with one. I do not want it to go somewhere where it will either sag into an unrecognizable blob, or stretch like silly putty with a comic print on it. At 41, that cancels out the ass, boobs, tummy. And since I'm hardly Angelina Joli (sp) the arm is out. I'm thinking my ankle or foot. Feet stay pretty much the same, and I do have good legs. Or so I'm told. I know. I finally got it!!!! How about a flaming ball of yarn with knitting needles crossed through it. Maybe little skulls on the ends of the needles just for a little more badass attitude. On my right ankle over my 6 inch scar. Now thats badass. Well, I better go fluff up the house so it looks like I care...LOL. Peace, Love, Knitting !

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

KIP'N in the e.r.

Yesterdays' post was rather large and I omitted a significant event from the weekend. My son Justin, the skateboarder, decided to jump off a large dumpster on skateboard Sunday night. The land did not go well and he broke his right arm. He walks in the door w/a friend and informs me I need to take him to the hospital RIGHT NOW. I take a peek, yep, its broke. The telltale bulging wrist was all I needed to see. He was in the car before I could grab the keys, but I did take the time to grab the knitting. I made great progress on the sock in the waiting room. Oh the things I could have knit in the e.r.'s over the years, had I known. I know the drill all too well with 4 boys. My oldest was the worst. I have literally lost count of the broken bones with him. No lie. And that isn't even counting his trips to the e.r. for non-bone stuff. Pneumonia, 2 week stays for Asthma and related virus. The cut open forehead. I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Oh, the things I could have knit!

I also left out yesterday how I am getting the stash home from my mother. We decided to ship it. That way, my mother in law can also send back whatever else we left behind, as I'm sure we did.

Yesterday I witnessed a sister in knitting doing her thing at a bus stop, so I gave her a shout out. "Whatcha' makin' ?" "Wristletts on DPN's". Knit on sista' friend.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

I'm baaa-aack

It's good to be back in So. Cal. Our trip to NY was great, Thanksgiving was great, great to see everybody. The weather was a brutal slap in the face. It was freakin' cold! We got some snow and ice and wind and slippery driving. I'm good now for another year. My youngest son, Ryan did some sled riding on Thanksgiving day. And hubby and 2 sons did some hunting. I got some yarn. Boy did I. I of course got some at my favorite LYS, but then when I visited my mother she gave me her whole yarn stash. A large garbage bag full. I told her I am sending it all back to her in the form of socks. There are a few unfinished projects to be frogged. Ryan likes to crochet so I told him he can pick out what he wants. He looses interest quickly, but he picks it up and works with me sometimes. We are going to make ornaments with some of the odds n ends.

Our flight home was packed of course. The ride was rather bumpy for a while. In fact, the bumpiest (a word?) I have ever flown on. Then there was somebody who brought on some eggrolls, and another individual who had really baad gas for the entire flight. The combination of all of the above made my stomach churn. I still feel yuck just thinking about it. It became a mental battle not to loose it. Normally, it's no problem to me.

I finished a pair of sox in NY and gave them promptly to my oldest son who works on a car lot detailing all day. He said they were WONDERFUL. It warmed my knitterly, motherly heart to hear that. I got another sock going and could be done tomorrow with it. I am a sock knitting crazy woman. This pair has a rolled cuff instead of the ribbed. Me LIKEY alot. I may keep these for me!

Has anybody read the blog about Festivus? Remember the Seinfeld episode where Frank Costanza had his own holiday, and it was about complaining, and cheapness and other crazy stuff? Well there is some guy with a blog about Festivus, which I think is great in and of itself except he is selling aluminum Festivus poles for $37.50! That is soooo anti-Festivus! The reason they had an aluminum pole was because Frank was too cheap to get a new tree and had the old shiny aluminum skeleton. I may even start to celebrate Festivus myself. I think the concept is great, you get all your complaining and general irritability out of the way on Dec. 23 and then you go into Christmas (or whatever for you others who do Chanukah or secular stuff). My big thing about Christmas is that it is about the birth of a Savior. Period. I enjoy holiday traditions, but sometimes I think we get too caught up in the rush and hub-bub to really enjoy. Maybe if people had a little Festivus to clear out the crap they could enjoy the real meaning of Christmas. I am hardly the grinch, I love to shop and give. It just seems like the pressure from the media gets bigger every year. That has me wanting to just pull in my family away from it all and do something different.

Well its time to watch Peyton Manning and the Colts. Love Monday Night Football!

Monday, November 21, 2005

In a New York State of mind.....

We made it, and our flight was good. Very busy seeing everyone here. My week is almost totally booked. The boys have been having a great time catching up with friends and cousins. Thank God the weather is unusually nice. Sunny for 3 days now, don't know how much longer it will last! It's cold, but if the suns out, then its all good.

Did some KIPing on the plane, and finished a sock. I have started the second one. Time to do a different pattern cause this one is starting to bore me. I am going out and about today and so that means I need to hit the LYS because my suitcase was only at 43 pounds. I can theoretically fit in 7 pounds of yarn, right? I think that would be hilarious if I really did that, can you IMAGINE cramming it in the overstuffed suitcase? "But honey, it should fit, they said it only weighed 43 lbs."

Thursday, November 17, 2005


Ok, I just want to gush about a knitting magazine. I have been reading Simply Knitting a mag from the UK and I simply love it. I love this months edition. There is a pattern by Debbie Bliss for a baby sweater, a chunky yarn roll edge "jumper" as the Britts call sweaters.

Another mag I love is Vogues Knit 1, geared to a trendy, hip knitter. The fun knitter, like you. This month is about guy knitters, and although it is not my favorite issue to date, it is still filled with goodies. What I like about it is projects are in Lion Brand yarns, which are found easily and are for the budget conscious. Of course you can substitute yarn, and the patterns are easy to follow. I am a bit of a yarn snob, but I also use Lion Brand. Depends on what it is. If its a hat my boys will loose anyway at school, I'm not spending more for the wonderful to touch stuff. My boys don't know the difference (yet) and could care less.

Camoflage sweater. Adam. one of my other sons, you know, the kid who becomes just like one of your own. I mean, just like. Anyway, last year I made him a ski hat from some camo print yarn. He loves it. Now he wants a sweater. The hat is really cool. Its his favorite. The problem is it is a very cheap yarn and I can't stand the thought of making an entire sweater from it. So much love and many hours go into a sweater as you all know. He keeps asking me when he gets the camo sweater. I have an idea rolling around in my brain of this camo pattern in a SIMPLE sweater. I have a basic pullover pattern or two that would work. Now I have to map out this camo pattern. You know, the gobs of varing shades of green and tan. It would be one massive intarsia creation. I cannot even fathom such a creation, you know working it out on paper and then doing it. Eiiii-yiiiiiii-yiiiiii-yiiiii!!!! I wish he was joking, but he keeps asking when I'm gonna do it. I am in soooo much trouble because I couldn't tell this kid no if I tried. He says I'm his #1 mom. His mom passed away when he was 12. That is SUCH an honor to be called mom by him. What do I do?

I am drinking bloody marys tonight. Hubby made em so good. Its a budget recipe, but I will share it with you because I love the flavor. V-8, vodka (any kind) and Montreal Steak seasoning sprinkled on top. It has an awesome zing.

I have been packing and cleaning today. We are leaving for a trip to NY tomorrow for Thanksgiving. The boys are totally excited. It is not a productive thing for me to be drinking vodka, and working on my blog tonight. But here I am. I work better under pressure. Its cold there and I hate the cold. But there are people I dearly love there, and sorely miss. Especially my Michael. It has been a rough 4 months with out my first born. Especially since he chose to stay in NY and we chose to go to California. I Love it in CA. I love the weather. I love the fact that the economy is not depressed. And it makes me feel guilty that I love it so much. Our area of NYS is economically depressed to put it politely. I wish I could afford to live here forever. Problem is our house in NY has 7 yrs till paid off, and the equity we have is not spit in a bucket out here. I do not have the college education, hubby does. I put him through school. Then I had 4 boys, 3 years apart. I've been busy. Hubby has a great job, but I am a minimum wage earner. I have a cosmetology license. They are a dime a dozen. So I am trying to figure out what I am going to do next. I am 41. Creative. And I love to knit. I have many ideas and I have these pipe dreams of making money doing this knitting thing. I am currently trying to figure out what my second act will be. I have my oldest going into college in January. Gotta pay for that. I am very conflicted. I have always wanted to live on the west coast and now my dream is come true for at least a year or 3. I should learn to live one day at a time better, and freak about the future a little less. I know that at this point, a job I would get would do very little to help our situation. So to all those little girls out there all bright eyed and bushy tailed: Go to school, pursue your dreams. Get your FRICKEN education. I didn't. But I also did a great thing. I made my decision. But I could have squeezed in some school if I had waited to get married and have kids. Just a little while. So now the challenge is to squeeze in a dream in the middle of real life. Vodka speaks truth sometimes. Have a great Thanksgiving! Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A knitterick

There once was a girl who loves to knit...
Til' her family got into a terrible snit.
They whined and they cried,
cause they couldn't decide,
between pepperoni or cheese.

Have a better ending? Chime in! I have been knitting up a sock storm lately and quite frankly I could care less about cooking or other house hold duties. I'm on a roll, and onto my 3rd pair of socks. This pattern gets tweeked more each time I do it, I love it because the possibilities are endless. I have visions of new colorways dancing in my head all the time.

Monday, November 14, 2005

as I promised..

I have fiddled all morning with the camera and computer and finally got it all figured out how to do the picture thing. I almost gave up and used my cell phone camera, but I love a challenge. I hope you enjoy the pics. Jessicas' shrug is my own creation, meant to be a shoulder warmer basically.

scarf it up!

jessicas' shrug

Mother in law socks a WIP

Weekend update

Our weekend on the road was great! We drove through "the strip" in Las Vegas, we really didn't have time to stop on this trip. We drove to the Hoover Dam and that is truly an engineering marvel. Our hotel in Laughlin was really nice and we went to the casino and lost a little bit of money. I really like Blackjack, and slot machines are boring to me. I did lots of knitting on the road. I am at the toe of the second sock so I should be done today. We really all enjoyed driving through the desert and seeing country that is so vastly different than what we are used to. Amazing. Everyone out there in knitting land have a great day, and get those WIPs done! The holidays are almost upon us. YIKES!

Friday, November 11, 2005

I promise...

to post pictures of some of my creations before I give them away. The shrugs are really cool and I am soooo proud of the socks. The newest pair is in the works and I have my knitting bag packed for a trip this weekend. We are going to Arizona for a get together, and staying just over the border in Nevada at a Casino/hotel. Thats new for me. I guess its a "family" place and I hope so because the 3 wild ones are coming with us. I am excited about going to the desert. Its our first time. Alot of firsts for us New Yorkers out here in the west. Maybe there will be a yarn store on the way... hey, ya never know...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


At 10:32 pm Pacific time, a pair of perfect wool socks came into this world. I was in labor for 5 days, but it was well worth the effort. I now have 5 pairs to knit by Christmas. Yikes! Well I could make one person wait a little longer. I am so proud of myself that I finished this project. I am notorious for half finished projects, losing interest somewhere in the middle. I have a lot of housework to catch up on, so g'bye, and have a fabulous day!

Monday, November 07, 2005

I'm too soxy for my shoes...

All right, that was a really bad pun. But I'm feeling really "soxual" lately. More my bad. My socks are almost done. It is a very good thing to knit them at the same time. Tonight, I will do the toes and then I can wear them. I got some really great yarn for more gift socks. How about Lime green and flamingo pink? I like my socks to make a statement and stand on their own. Why always be white? I got a nice heathered plum shade for my mother in laws socks. I'm using Plymouth Yarn Encore and Plymouth Yarn Lambs Pride. I am making the gifts out of the Encore because I realized they should be easy to care for, machine wash and dry. The Lambs Pride is great, but it would felt in the dryer. Who needs that worry? I don't mind though for me. I'm already tweaking the pattern for my next pair. I just can't leave things alone. Recipes, patterns, rules of the road...

Heading home to NY for Thanksgiving. It will be good to see everyone, especially my oldest son. We flew the coop on him, instead of the other way around. He announced to us last week that he is going to go to college (the community) in January. YEAH!!!! I love it when a plan comes together. The wool socks will be handy in NY, not too much use for them in Southern California. My oldest son and his girlfriend are coming out here for Christmas. Anybody out there have special knitting projects going for the Holiday season? Let me know! I want to eventually knit new stockings to be hung by the chimney with care. I don't believe I have the time this year, but I would love to hear someone elses ideas.

Friday, November 04, 2005

The Case of the Frogged Sock

I frogged the sock. I was painful, but it was necessary. I was at the toe, and I knew that even though it looked good, the next sock would be better and not match. So I have started fresh and so relieved. This sock is much nicer and I am getting a second set of dpns to start the second sock at the same time. I am heading out to Longbeach to Alametos Bay Yarn Co. this morning for some stash enhancement. Love that shop! I have a tip for sock knitters, but maybe you already have discovered this. A ziplock bag to slip your work into keeps it safe in your knitting bag or purse from accidental unraveling. Sometimes its the simple things in life, ya know? Well, time to hit the road. And thanks for the suggestions on the spam situation. Peace Love and Knitting!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

SPAM spam SPAM !!!! Not Monty Python either.

I really hate to acknowledge this, but so far, 3 of my 4 comments are from spammers. Now thats really depressing. And I bet they don't even knit. Parasites and bottomfeeders. Let this be known, if you are spamming me, I will simply delete you. I wish there was a delete button for lots of other things. Handy, like the "easy button" in the commercial. I want one of those, just because.

Spandex and Haters

Back on line at last!!!! My son got the computer all infected w/this virus that ruined the hard drive. That really sucks. So here I am again. I am busy knitting gifts for Christmas, scarves, fingerless gloves, and now SOCKS. I was afraid of socks, and mainly dpns. Its not bad once ya get going. Oh, and shrugs, made 2 of them, so cute. But i gotta give them away. I set aside my tank shirt for the time being so I can get through my gift list.

Random thought: Fashion don't - spandex pants that match your burgundy hair. Actually, spandex pants and burgundy hair are separate and equal fashion don'ts.

Bad experience: Recently I was sitting at a stoplight in my Dodge shagginwagon, which is still sporting NY tags, minding my own business when a young surferdude pulls up behind me and starts SCREAMING at me and I quote "Go back to New York Muthaf@&#a" Like 3 times. I wanted to get out and give him some good old fashioned road rage piece of my mind like "New Yorkers invented road rage you @!$%%%&^* piece of ##$&(&$, so don't mess with me!!!!" But I didn't. My neck veins were popping at the stress of restraining myself. Someone told me that Californinans hate NYers. I find that hard to believe. I think my experience was just a random hater. I say peace, love and knitting....

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