Sunday, September 25, 2005

That was not a post

I goofed trying to install a counter on my blog. I need copy of something for Dummys I guess. Anywhoooo, yet again sunny and 74 in So. Cal. Went to Laguna yesterday to work on the tan. The waves were HUGE. Dan and Ryan tried out the body board and Dans' pockets got filled with sand and he got slammed into the sand. He says its alot of work. Ryan ran away from the waves. I really think I was mistakenly born in NY, because salt water surely runs through my veins.

Tokyo Game Show to feature playable Xbox 360 games
Next week we'll hit you with live coverage from the Tokyo Game Show floor. But until then, we thought we'd butter you up with the preliminary list of next-gen coverage planned for the event.

Hey, cool blog! I came across you while blog-surfing around (something I like to do when I'm board :-). If you are interested, go see my weird ebay pulse auctions site. It's just a fun site but you may find something to entertain you.
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