Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Its another sunny day

I have to say, I love life here in Huntington Beach. Sun, sun, sun. Anything you want is here. My boys love the schools, and so do I. I would love to figure out how to make this move a permanent one. The cost of living is much higher than where we are from. To be more specific, the cost of housing. I realize this has nothing to do with knitting. But its my blog, so whatever. I have not yet put my pottery wheel up for sale but I will do it soon.

My husband is happy I am not working outside the home. He likes to come home to dinner on the table and to be able to do his thing and know I am always here to keep things running smooth. There is a part of me that enjoys this lifestyle, but there is a part of me that feels like I should be doing more. This is due largely to the fact that my generation of women were growing up in the early heyday of feminism, the equal rights amendment, female empowerment. I'm not dissin' that stuff, great things have been accomplished due to these changes in American culture. It is just a shame that if a woman decides to be a traditional stay at home mom there is guilt attached to it. As if you are less valuable if you are not earning dollars. And by the way, I love earning dollars. Maybe that is the true source of my inner conflict.

About knitting: Almost done with the back of my tank. I can't wait to finish and wear it. Gonna be soooo cool. I am working on making revisions in the pattern to make it backless with cross straps. Hot hot hot!

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