Sunday, September 25, 2005

That was not a post

I goofed trying to install a counter on my blog. I need copy of something for Dummys I guess. Anywhoooo, yet again sunny and 74 in So. Cal. Went to Laguna yesterday to work on the tan. The waves were HUGE. Dan and Ryan tried out the body board and Dans' pockets got filled with sand and he got slammed into the sand. He says its alot of work. Ryan ran away from the waves. I really think I was mistakenly born in NY, because salt water surely runs through my veins.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Its another sunny day

I have to say, I love life here in Huntington Beach. Sun, sun, sun. Anything you want is here. My boys love the schools, and so do I. I would love to figure out how to make this move a permanent one. The cost of living is much higher than where we are from. To be more specific, the cost of housing. I realize this has nothing to do with knitting. But its my blog, so whatever. I have not yet put my pottery wheel up for sale but I will do it soon.

My husband is happy I am not working outside the home. He likes to come home to dinner on the table and to be able to do his thing and know I am always here to keep things running smooth. There is a part of me that enjoys this lifestyle, but there is a part of me that feels like I should be doing more. This is due largely to the fact that my generation of women were growing up in the early heyday of feminism, the equal rights amendment, female empowerment. I'm not dissin' that stuff, great things have been accomplished due to these changes in American culture. It is just a shame that if a woman decides to be a traditional stay at home mom there is guilt attached to it. As if you are less valuable if you are not earning dollars. And by the way, I love earning dollars. Maybe that is the true source of my inner conflict.

About knitting: Almost done with the back of my tank. I can't wait to finish and wear it. Gonna be soooo cool. I am working on making revisions in the pattern to make it backless with cross straps. Hot hot hot!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


It seems that my knitting has really become more that a pastime. The more I knit, the more I want to knit. I have heard about the "zen of knitting", not certain but I think I have experienced it. It is a peace, and sense of being in the moment when I knit. I take it (my knitting ) everywhere with me, you know, just in case. Not that I believe in knitting as a religeon, but it is beginning to appear that way. I could really care less about just about anything else. I do what I must do so that I can get to my knitting. And I share the good news of knitting with those I meet. Am I a knitting evangelist??? And my 'bible' Stitch and Bitch? I think this has a lasting value for me more than when I was into pottery. I still think about throwing pots from time to time. But it just isn't the same to me. I am even thinking about selling my pottery wheel for yarn money. I really really really should do that. I will call the Penneysaver today and get that baby listed. More yarn, feed me....Please understand I am under the influence of lots of caffeine at the moment. Nothing like some Starbucks to get those creative juices flowing. Well here comes the guilt. I need to fold laundry, and bake a birthday cake, blah, blah, blah, so that I can work on that tank shirt.

Monday, September 19, 2005

getting settled

We are all settled and getting used to life in sunny So. Cal. So far I have found 2 yarn shops, besides a Michaels Craft store. Mikki's Yarns is a very friendly shop in Huntington Beach. She is stocked to the ceiling with yarn and notions. Another great spot to get a fiber fix is Alameda Bay Yarn Co. in Longbeach. Alameda is friendly, helpful and has a great selection. They also offer classes and even a knitting cruise on Tuesdays. I left the store feeling inspired and wanting to spend lots more time and money there.

I have made a new knitting buddy here. I also put the word out at Mikki's that I wanted to get with other knitters, or a SNB in the Huntington Beach area.

Currently I have finished a poncho in velour yarn as a gift for my sister, some soft scarves, and finishing up a tank top in black Berroco softwist. I am using the pattern from Stitch and Bitch Nation for the Mud Flap Girl tank.

I want to begin designing tops and sweaters. I just feel that my drawing ability is not what I need to get it on paper. I'll figure it out, I always do. I have been dreaming lately of starting a cottage business selling my knitting. I have been wanting to do something different for my "second act" as I like to call being in my 40's.

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